Alternator to house bank charging

Ross Hickey & Donna Hammond

Hi Team,

We have recently replaced our house batteries with 12 x Victron 110amp Gel batteries to give us 660amp capacity.

We have Solar set up through a Victron MPPT with 3 x 200w panels

We ultimately want to change to Lithium in the future and are making changes to our charging system and to protect the Gel batteries in the meantime. We have recently installed a Victron Skylla i100amp charger as the old Dolphin 100amp could not be programmed to charge Gel batteries. The 30amp shore power charger does have a switch to charge Gel batteries, so we will keep with that for the moment unless any of you advise that we should change that also. 

The other change we will need to look at is replacing the Lecce-Neville 175amp house alternator as this could potentially overcharge the Gel Batteries. We are looking at different options that would suit the charging of the Gel batteries and also be suitable for charging a Lithium set up in the future. 

A Balmar alternator has been recommended by one company in New Zealand and we are currently doing some research on this alternator. Ideally we want something that will do the job now and in the future with minimum adjustment to the current alternator bracket and belt system.

We are also looking at a Balmar MC614 Max charge regulator so as to regulate the charge to the Gel batteries. Lastly because we kept the Lead acid start battery we will look at installing a Balmar Digital Duo charge to regulate the charge between the two battery types.

Has anyone out there done a similar set up or have any advise on best alternator for our system and future compatibility to Lithium.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Kind regards
Ross & Donna
SV Intrepid Kiwi
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Currently in Turkey

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