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Patrick McAneny

Jose, Well if your antifreeze is only warm when the gauge reads 225 or higher ,then its obviously not running hot and it is likely a sensor or gauge issue. When you pulled out the H/E core was there a round ring on the core about 3/4 of the way down the core . It is a round ring that slides tightly over the core ,it is about 1/4" larger on the outside ,it closes off a hole inside the H/E housing ,forcing the water to go thru the core ,rather than bypassing the core thus not cooling the water. Take the core out ,then with a flashlight look into the housing and you will see a bulkhead which the core passes thru ,the gasket seals that hole in the bulkhead. Without the core being sealed  temps increase at higher RPMs.
Hope this helps ,
SM Shenanigans

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Pat, thanks for the suggestions.
Yes I am going to order 2 infrared guns!  Sounds like a good thing to have.
I cleaned the heat exchanger in March and the boat sat at Le Phare Blue (Grenada) for 5 months.  Also, the temperature gauge read high even at idle RPM.  So I think I can exclude the heat exchanger.
No, I did not see steam pushing past the radiator cap.  There were a few bubbles of air that came out but the antifreeze was only warm.
Ipanema has still the original Volvo Penta TM22. 
Is the rubber ring/gasket the one that looks like a radiator the cap?
I will conduct later on a test of the heat sensor to see how accurate it is and compare the temp with that of an infrared gun.
So, the saga continues

Ipanema SM2K 278

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