New Rub Rail Insert Group Purchase

Patrick McAneny

The time has come to finalize the group purchase of the white rub rail inserts. Presently we have nine owners that are purchasing new inserts. Based on that number their cost should be, based on two 52 ft. lengths ,( you could probably get by with 51 ft. ,your decision . )
104' x $8.90/ft. = $925.00 plus $72. for die = $997.00 total , plus your individual shipping. 
I will email each owner , but thought this would reach most ,and give anyone else a last chance  to order . I want all owners to contact Techno Rubber before the end of this week ,Friday 9/11 to finalize their purchase . After that date a production date will be set ,probably within two weeks or so and the inserts will be shipped . 
Contact : Techno Rubber
               Paula or Laura
               1 305 888 6324

Thank You,
SM Shenanigans

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