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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Dirk;


The pressures you are observing are fine, based our experience. The oil pressure sensor is a simple switch that triggers at a certain oil pressure. I’m not sure what exact pressure, but our engine pressure was slightly over 1 bar at idle and when engine was normal running temperature. When we changed the oil pressure switch, our issue with the low oil pressure went away. I would proceed with caution with the Volvo “expert” that is advising you that 1.3 bars at idle is not enough pressure.


If you are still near Dubrovnik, it should not be hard or take too long to have one shipped from France. We are actually wintering in Montenegro, and have 3 spares on board. If not for COVID, and we were on board, I could have easily sent you one. Because we had actual oil pressure measurements and were confident that we did not have an oil pressure issue, we continued with the alarm popping up from time to time, until we received the pressure switch. Off course, another event could potentially come up that actually leads to low oil pressure during this time, but for us, the risks were acceptable.


Happy Sailing;



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Hi Paul, Ralph, Mohammad and Arno,


thank you for your answers and your experience.


We connected an external gauge and the pressure is with cold engine at 2bar at 700rpm (idle) and 4bar at 1500rpm.

After 15min. with normal oil temperature (75degree) the oil pressure drops to 1.3bar when idling.

And 3 bar at 1500rpm.

The Volvo expert thinks, that this is not enough.

Actually the oil pressure sensor should not trigger before the oil pressure drops down to 0.7bar. That´s why I think the old sensor is too sensitive… 


First I will try it with a new sensor… unfortunately it needs time to get it, and maybe someone of you have some experience with the oil-pressure with a warm engine…


Thanks and take care,




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I just had the same problem. Connecting an external gauge the pressure is normal, so I’m getting a new sensor. Note also that you cannot use a normal Volvo sensor, you must get the specially modified one that takes the bonding connection from Gwen Marine Service in France - €78.




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Hi all,


since yesterday I have an oil pressure problem on my AMEL 54#96.

When I go from normal speed to idle, the oil alarm starts.

Of course, this doesn´t happen in the port but between the islands in Croatia.

My German Volvo expert suspects that the oil is too thin.

Diesel has probably gotten into the oil.

That´s why I changed the oil. More than 7 liters of very thin oil came out.

Then the engine ran again without an oil pressure alarm.

But today, when I switched back to idle, the alarm went on again.

I appreciate any advice or experiences.

Thanks a lot,



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You need a Puller it's much safer 

but if push comes to shove I hammered mine out with a blank and mini sledge

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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Main furling motor and gear on 54

I know this has come up before, but I am servicing the main sail furling motor and worm drive. 

It is all well but the top shaft seal should be replaced. 


Shaft into the worm gear is very tight. Soaked it in diesel for some hours, hesitant to hit it. Plan to find a press to press it out. 

Does anyone have a better idea?


S/Y Amelia


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