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I have fitted an Air Marine 403 on the top of my mizzen mast. It's much lighter than the Kiss, so don't put one of those up there! I have given details on how I dampened down the vibration using special mounts from AVM Ltd in Farnham. You should find my input on the owners web sight. Noise is really not a factor if it's mounted up there, but vibration is. The wind speeds is greater aloft, and often I am charging when deck mounted generators are almost stationary.

The downside is that my turbine bearings failed after one years use. This may have been exacerbated by the fact that as the yacht rolls, a precessional force will be exerted on the bearings at right angles to the movement of roll. On the other hand, it may have been coincidental. The manufacturers have replaced the bearings free of charge.

Their Air-X model is somewhat quieter than the 403, but they have not yet solved the RFI problems with the circuitry that controls the blade speed. I would rather have quiet SSB reception, so I have stuck with the 403.

Good luck on fitting one to Gallant. I found it to be a worthwhile investment, especially when complemented with two 120W 24V solar panels.

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Ian Shepherd

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