Re: Oil Pressure Volvo D3 I - C

Arno Luijten

Actually the way it works at VP is that any significant change in the production of the eingine results in a new trailing character. Most Amels 54s have C because that is the one for wich production ran fairly long. The change form C to D was major as they changed the setup and position of all the ancillaries. Probably because they found out that putting the raw water pump on top of the alternator was not such a great idea. Also they changed the engine cover making it more silent. The base block itself has not changed that much. Fact is that Volvo is no longer using it in their cars since a few years making the production volume of this block much smaller.
The biggest change (as far as I can tell) between the "A" and "B" and the "C" version is the electronics got beefed up because of many failures with them.
The changes from "D" to "I" are fairly minor I believe.
I still think it's a good engine with very good characteristics. The fact you hear many complaints about it is because there a quite a few out there. It will treat you as you will treat it in most cases. It is still a fairly complex engine and you should treat it as such. Prompt preventive maintenance and clean diesel are the way to go.

Just my two cents...

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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