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Sv Garulfo

141L/h for the Duo100? I’ve never experienced that, even with brand new (2017) membranes at 500h operation in the Med or during the following 400h of operation in the Atlantic tropics and the Pacific tropics. 

We carefully monitor production and with pressure set at the lower end of the green zone, the flow-meter points to 75L/h and the actual production rate (at least according to the Amel fresh water tank floating gauge) is ~80L/h. 
If i push the pressure to the middle of the green zone, I can get the flow meter to read 100L/h but i was under the impression (and instruction from previous owner) that the safer pressure was at the bottom of the green zone. 

Am i missing something? I’d love 141L/h. (Maybe our freshwater tank is bigger than the gauge thinks 😜)


On Wed, 9 Sep 2020 at 08:50, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:

I learned something today with from a great 54 owner, from Dessalator, and from reading the recent specifications sheet for Filmtec SW30 membranes.

·        The actual pressure for the Green Zone on a Dessalator high-pressure gauge is between 60 and 65 BAR

·        In normal seawater temperature and salinity and at 55 BAR the SW30 series of membranes will produce:

o   SW30 2521 = 47 liters/hour or 3*47 = 141 liters/hour

o   SW30 2540 = 109 liters/hour or 2*109 = 218 liters/hour

·        Obviously the production rate with pressure set inside the Green Bar (60-65 BAR), will be greater than the above

·        Dialing back the pressure to change the product water production to the original specs of the watermaker may cause the water maker to shut down.

My statement of reducing the pressure to set the produced water in the sight-glass at the original output for the D50/60, D100, and D160 is no longer valid for normal water temperature and salinity. And the D160 with new membranes will produce over 200 liters/hour.


WARNING: Filmtec has increased the efficiency of these membranes and depending on the age of your membrane(s) you may not see the increased production.

I attach the Filmtec Spec Sheet that I refer to:

I hope this helps and clears up things.


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