Re: Scuba compressor recommendations

Porter McRoberts

We bought a used Bauer Junior II. 230/50hz. Wired it directly to the breaker board.  We keep it in the port side cockpit lazarette and run it in the cockpit. The coolest, shadiest most well ventilated spot.  They last forever, and are built to be used commercially filling tanks all day every day. 
It’s heavy, but bulletproof, filters are actually getting cheaper with time and easily found. Very minimal maintenance, and easy to use. 
Many put them in the ER. We simply have no room down there. 

Pretty amazing to dive in the most out of way places. West coast of Ua-Pou. Palmerston. Hapai group Tonga. This am White valley in Tahiti: went yesterday, probably one of the best dives of my life, but easy to get your tank filled in Tahiti!  Best of luck!

Porter McRoberts 
S/V IBIS A54-152
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On Sep 10, 2020, at 6:18 AM, Arlo <svplanb@...> wrote:

hello all, I plan to install a SCUBA compressor to fill the tanks and it will run using my 5.5 kw genset. Looking for recommendations on makes and model from those that have them onboard. 

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