locked Re: Batteries starting to get weak - MMM - What to do -

Paul Osterberg

I ordered 16x270 Ah prismatic cells from China for a DIY system, guess i get them 5-6 weeks from now, That will give me 540 Ah 24 volt, probably go for a rec BMS (compatible with Victron system), will make video and post on the forum when ready. Will take ample time for installations as it is a few cables that I will replace and tidy up when I'm at it. For the one who use drop in, make sure they not only rated to run your bowthruster but also capable in real life, in some drop in the internat cables and BMS are not for high loads. can recommend Will Prowse on youtube very illustrative and easy to follow, he have teared a few drop in batteris apart and had a look what was inside, some of them you do not want to have onboard.
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