locked Re: Batteries starting to get weak - MMM - What to do -



Can you explain further the BMS BB communication issues? 

Am I wrong in saying Most drop in sets have the BMS? I know you can make the cells yourself and then add outside BMS but thought the self contained ones all came with them. 

My thoughts  -  Making a custom system and filling the battery box on the SM2k and having a ton of amp hrs avaialable seems easily doable. However, not done the math, but I think financially it wouldn't be that drastic of a savings to where I would want to lets say risk the investment. Everyone has their own risk tolerance. Like a lot of the china made current batts they range from $550-800 where the BB are $850-950. Seems the BB are the most robust and best made so since this is a 15-30yr investment that little amount is peanuts overall.  

Either custom setup or OEM drop ins with the available space I do want to maximize the amp hrs usable. I will be a heavy user for sure and don't want to run the gen. Any ideas or places to research?? 

Thanks, I hope this helps others along with me

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