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Morning Thomas,


Thanks for the reply – all clear.


Best Regards Teun

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September 11, 2020 08:56:48


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Hi Teun,


No, it’s only when we let out the full chain for whatever reason. So it’s very rare and only to minimise the chance of bungling it during business as usual. (That rarely happens anyway, even with galvanised chain). 


Hope that clarifies the use case. 











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Does this mean that every time you weigh anchor that somebody is guiding this device by hand in the right direction to evenly spread the anchor chain?


If so then I clearly have too many sails in the sail locker as it is completely full and was really a massive, massive head ache to get to the chain locker when the new (galvanized) chain bungled up. I never had the bungling up issue with the OEM SS chain and since I pushed a bunch of the galvanized chain all the way to the back it hasn’t happened since. It is rare, even in the South Pacific, that I use the last 30 meters of a 100 meter chain so pushing those 30 plus meters all the way back in the chain locker I believe prevents the bundle of chain getting too high in the front and thus getting tangled/bungled.


But your device looks what I need but then I also need: A) easily access to the chain locker as well as B) a pair of hands during departure.


Best Regards Teun

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September 8, 2020 06:46:43


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Hi all,


We recently end-to-ended our anchor chain and I found the pictured device useful to guide the chain nice and flat at the bottom of the chain locker.


It’s simply a piece of PVC pipe with a couple of small line to gutter the chain in various corners of the locker.




And when you don’t use it, it snaps happily on the hawsehole pipe for efficient storage. 












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