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Scott SV Tengah

Sounds about right with Mastervolt. I haven't studied their system in detail but from what I've seen, they're the most hands off, from the user perspective, that I've seen. But you pay for it!

I have the Mastervolt alternator and Alpha pro II (3 is even better) and it took me over a year and the help of an engineer who used to break into car ECUs to reprogram them. It turned out to be quite simple, but neither Victron nor dealers understood the problem or could provide the solution.

I describe how I do it here:

One final alternator tip: I did not use the standard lithium profile on the mastervolt charge controller. This is because I did not want to keep the lithium batteries fully charged when motoring for a long time as this is not good for the batteries. I set the absorption voltage for 27.5v and the "float" at 26.5v. As mentioned before, voltage is NOT a good indicator of SOC, but I've seen over the last two years that this seems to result in charging stopping at around 85% on my system.  You'll need a Mastervolt USB interface to program your charge controller.


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