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Scott SV Tengah


I actually think if you're on shore power most of the time, lithium is a bad idea. At best, it's a waste of money that adds additional complication. 

I do agree with your lack of confidence in the warranty. Unless you are using batteries and chargers from one brand, I am almost certain the battery manufacturer will point fingers at the charger and you will left paying for a new battery bank yourself. 

For me, the big pluses are the charge/discharge curve as you mentioned, the lack of need to keep it full, the ability to run virtually all 220v appliances on battery and one thing that people don't often think about is that it could effectively double your solar output. The charge acceptance rate and near nonexistent charging efficiency issues means that, for the same solar array, you will get almost twice as many AH per day into your batteries compared to lead. I believe it is Porter who is in the tropics and has a similar solar array and the same MPPT as we do, but we are able to put nearly twice as much cumulative power into the batteries as he is. Our only difference is AGM vs. lithium.

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