Anchor sizing

Bryce Procter

At the risk of opening a hornets nest I am replacing my 30kg Wasi Bugle anchor with one of the newer breed of anchors. My query is not about which brand or shackles or style though rather sizing.
Assuming the following that the boat is usually fully loaded for extended cruising so in the heavier weight range, occasionally left alone at anchor normally for no more than a day or two though in these times anything is possible;100m of chain, varying bottom types, don't intend to carry a dedicated "storm" anchor etc etc. Based on these and the endless other variables does anyone have any advice or thoughts on the best size/weight?
I have seen SM's being swapped out with anywhere from 30kg to 45kg Rocnas, Mantus or other newer style anchors. One piece of advice I read sometime ago was that if the other yachties at the dock aren't laughing at your anchor it's not big enough!

SM 2K #467

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