Anchor Chain

ngtnewington Newington

I get the attraction of Cromox;

No rust

Stacks nicely,


the 10mm chain has a MBL of 10197 Kg, so strong too

BUT one hundred meters would cost about £6115 (Jimmy Greene) including VAT but not delivery.

Accastillage Diffusion, a French chandlery with outlets all over France and one in Lanzarotte( where I had 100m delivered at no charge as it came with the regular container shipped from France) 

sells Grade 70 galvanised chain made by  Chaineries Limousines with a MBL (breaking load) 11217 Kg  for Euro 1390 i.e. about £1200.

(Grade 40 has a MBL of only 5000 Kg!! so it is twice as strong as the 40 and even stronger than the Cromox, but at less than 20% of the cost….

How long will the Cromox last? It is really hard to say….5-10 years sounds about right. Will it stretch? I do not think so. So there will be no way of knowing when it needs replacing….maybe it is like standing rigging and will last 12 years…I do not know.

How long will the galvanised grade 70 last?….after five years it will probably be looking a bit rusty. One can inspect the links for elongation. One can have it re-galvanised though apparently this will reduce the strength very slightly, by maybe 10%. 

Of course it is not easy to get re-galvanising done nor is it easy to buy grade 70 chain…

Nick (now back in the UK)
Amelia (ashore in Leros)
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