Solenoid question

smiles bernard

Hello all
I have a question that i am struggling with and wondered if the amel hive mind could shed some light.
I recently disconnected all batteries and solar
I then reconnected and seem to have lost control of my windlass and furler solenoids.

The furler is the easiest to access the electrics on so I’ve been rummaging about with a multimeter

The solenoid has power
The Control switches in the cockpit have power
The Cable from these cockpit switches to the solenoid control terminals is continuous. No inline fuses that I can see and in good shape yet the voltage at these solenoid terminals is <1 volt when the switches are activated.

I have yet to try and feed 12v to the solenoid control terminals direct but can’t think how I’m getting the almost complete voltage drop.

The windlass solenoid is in the same locker in the forepeak. I’ve tested it less but again it has power yet is not working.

Bit flummoxed
Any thoughts or suggestions most welcome

Perhaps I caused a voltage surge reconnecting my batteries? But no fuses in the control lines that I can see.

All the very best

Maramu 162

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