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James Alton


   My boat is a 1987 model Maramu.  Removal of the electric powered gearbox at the bottom is simple.  Just remove the four lower bolts.  I was unable to remove the manual gearbox on my boat after removing all of the rest of the fasteners for apparently the same reason you stated.  While there is some vertical play in the extrusion it is not enough to slide it up enough to clear the shaft sticking out of the top of the manual gearbox that extend into the extrusion.  Removing the bolts holding the manual gearbox allows the box to drop some but the movement is limited since the long shaft for the winch handle goes through the front of the mast so again not enough clearance to free the extrusion.  Inspecting the top of my mast there is  a top plate that the extrusion is attached to and serves as a top bearing.  When the extrusion is lifted it is this plate that the extrusion is hitting.  I believe if that plate were removed that the extrusion could be lifted to disengage at the bottom from the shaft on the manual gearbox.  I have not yet tried this since my mast is up, time was limited and this would be a bit of a project working from the top of the mast.  It would be great if someone knows of a more simple way to remove the manual gearbox as I would like to service mine.  I did clean and regrease my main swivel without removing it as you can see from the photos.  Replacement of the seals and or bearings is impossible without removal of the swivel from the extrusion.   I am glad that you asked this question.  If anyone knows how to disengage the main furler extrusion from the top of the manual gearbox please let us know.

James Alton
SV Sueno
Maramu #220

On Sep 15, 2020, at 10:13 AM, Philippe Belloir <pbelloir@...> wrote:

precision. i found this photo see attachement
at the step 2, impossible to go up enough to liberate the swivel.
The slot on the furling tube in the mast is just in front (i take the sail out)
any advise, solution,
thank yyou
Philippe <Steps to remove mainsail swivel gearbox on Maramu.jpeg>

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