Re: SEAFLO Marine Air Conditioning Seawater Circulation AC Pump 500GPH 220V eBay

Alan Leslie

Our Calpeda died and we replaced it with the March AC-5C-MD, after assessing the flow requirements.
good thing is that now we don't have the Amel bonding connection connected to the AC ground anymore, AND no more screwdriver poking to get the pump to run (always thought that was a bit out there)
The pump works fine and I agree with Mark, the bolts and the casing on the motor are corroding, but I think a regular cleanup and Corrosion X is the way to deal with it.
We don;t use the A/C that much anyway and rarely with the 3 units all at the same time.
We replaced our aft cabin Climma A/C (it had leaks and electrical faults and wasn't considered worth trying to repair) with a Mermaid reverse cycle unit which works really well and has a remote control that allows temperature setting in both heating and cooling modes, like a home A/C.
Just wish I could get to Elyse to appreciate it !

Elyse SM437 .... stuck in Opua, NZ, stuck in Australia !

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