Re: Mango fuel filter question


Hello Craig. good advice, and I have made sure that about 99 percent of what is on my Amel is the same setup as the original where possible.. ;-)

I am used to having a visual indicator of fuel condition and filter condition at a moments glance. I had the RACOR 500MA and pressure gauge  on my last vessel which I could always visually check before entering a port or leaving port. I recently had an incident where I was delivering a 60 foot  2018 Beneteau and the owner is very meticulous with his maintenance. We were 4 miles from entering the  harbor when the boat powered back on its own and eventually stalled. It ended up being a clogged fuel filter. We changed the filter and went along our way, but if that had happened 4 miles later, we would have been adrift in a busy seaport until we could raise sails if there was room... So if it can happen on a new boat with a owner that just changed his fuel filter a few months prior it reminded me that I really do not know what my fuel in the tanks look like or the filter condition until after there is a problem..

So that was the genesis of my thought process, But I do agree that Henry got it right and simpler is better as eventually everything will need maintenance and is subject to failure...

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