Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bow locker seals

Mark Pitt

Hi Arlo,

I used "D-section 342 with adhesive, 100 feet ($1.129 per foot), part 342HATS-100, from Clean Seal, Inc.
P.O. Box 2919 – 20900 West Ireland Road
South Bend, IN 46680-2919 USA
FAX: (574) 299-8044     Phone: (574) 299-1888
(800) 366-3682
HTTP://    e-mail:cleanseal@...

It is self-adhesive and works well. There are other seals to choose from.

Mark Pitt

Sabbatical III, SM419, Rhode Island, USA

On 9/17/2020 10:16 AM, Arlo wrote:
Has anyone found a proper gasket for the Amel deck and cockpit lockers? I see lots of initial investigation so I am hoping that someone can post what they finally settled on. I see 1 post about ordering from Amel. I have a 1985 Mango so its unlikely that Amel will have these in stock. So I am looking for an after market solution. 

I know of 1 other Mango owner also looking for a good replacement gasket source and model number.

1985 Amel Mango # 46

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