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Hi Ken,,

 Thanks for the tips. Thanks also for the video which is really helpful. We do have the rebuild kit on board in case we have to fit it. 
 Vamos a ver.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Kilada ( launching tomorrow, winds permitting )

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Hello Ian and Judy,

I rebuilt my bow thruster twice.  The first time was in Trinidad, and the second time was in New Zealand 18 months ago.  I made a video about the bow thruster

The previous owner of Aquarius had left a spare shaft from Amel on the the boat, so in New Zealand I replaced the shaft and the seal.  Just replacing the seal with a smaller diameter inner measurement will probably not give you the proper fit.  I would have the shaft machined down to the point it's smooth and get the proper sized seal for the final measurement after the shaft is completely smooth.  I replaced mine, but one of these days I will have the old shaft machined and purchase some properly sized seals so that I have a spare shaft.  After seeing what happened to JP's boat, completely rebuilding his bow thruster in New Zealand as well.  I decided to purchase the entire gear, shaft and bearing set from Maud.  I now have this as a spare on Aquarius.  Thus, I can rebuild the bottom end of the bow thruster in an afternoon with the parts on Aquarius.  No machine shop required.  

Paul also did a rebuild video of the bow thruster bottom end.
And he had the kit from Maud which he shows in the video.  And he did his at anchor.

After I replaced the shaft in New Zealand, I have had no leakage.  I am now on the hard in Thailand, and everything still looks great after 18 months and going from New Zealand to Thailand.

All the best,

Ken Powers
Aquarius SM2K #262
On the hard in Krabi Boat Lagoon 

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