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Heinz Stutenbaeumer

When I asked the manufacturer for information about my schiffstyes and the weight of my Sm 2000, he recommended the 8mm chain. I decided to use the 10mm chain. Never had a problem. Runs very clean and without noise. 
100 meters CROMOX - stainless steel - anchor chains G6, dimensions according to DIN 766, Dim. 8 x 24 mm (CXA 8), material 1.4462 (Duplex), electropolished, seawater resistant up to approx. 34,5°C, PRE - value 35, breaking strength 66 kN, weight 1,35 kg / m, own production - Made in Germany

Heinz , sy quetzal, Sm2000, 292

Am 18.09.2020 um 12:13 schrieb Dominique Sery <dominiquesery@...>:

Hello Victor,
I changed the anchor but not the chain.
Because I have 100 meters (10 mm) stainless steel.
The locker can not store 100 m 12 mm or 14 mm and in Greece sometimes you have to drop the anchor in 20 m deep water.
But I think that 10 mm is too small, the chain is not heavy enough and the boat swings.
For the weight on the bow, I removed the second anchor and its chain, which I never used.
Irko 1 A54-16

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