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Brent Cameron

I had a similar issue with my old Yanmar. Like you, it happened after I noticed that the shift cable was binding and I had replaced it. I initially had no issues but got stuck out from the marina sand had to sail it in to my slip with no drive one evening. After some diagnosis, I found I had reverse but not forward.  I then (with the engine off) put the transmission in forward and swam down and I could spin the prop. Did the same in reverse and couldn’t budge it. For me it was a clutch plate, one side was completely worn off so the metal clutch rotor disk was spinning on the clutch wear surface.   I replaced the clutch disk and noticed that when I replaced the cable, I had somehow buggered up the adjustment so that it wasn’t fully engaged in forward and was slipping slightly under load. The manuals were completely unhelpful but I adjusted the cable so I couldn’t budge it by turning the prop in forward or reverse and it was still turning completely freely in neutral. The difference was measured in fractions of a turn on the cable adjustment. I suspect you have the same issue and you will go through another clutch soon if you don’t find it.   Of course if it is the key, you will likely be able to turn it in either direction when engaged in forward or reverse. I haven’t ever seen a key sliced in two though. Do you have a folding prop?  Could it be that it isn’t swing out?  


On Sep 18, 2020, 7:34 AM -0400, Grant Starling via , wrote:
I have lost drive on my Santorin.  It started when I replaced the morse throttle/gear selector and at first I thought it was bad cable adjustment meaning my gearbox clutch not engaging properly.  

Basically the problem is as follows.  I start the engine, select gear, when I apply power to accelerate, there is no increase in thrust from the propellor beyond that which I get idling in gear.  So I can move the boat around at idling speed in forward revers, but no thrust or increase in motion even at full revs.

So after adjusting the cable to ensure proper adjustment and still getting no joy, I looked secondly to the gearbox clutch as being the issue.  I thought at 30 years old its probably slipping and needed replacement.  So I rebuilt the gearbox with brand new clutch, bearings and seals.

Reinstalled it this morning.  Same problem is still drive.

The c-drive seems to be spinning up fine when I increase throttle, it increases in speed.  I can turn the c-drive by hand and it seem smooth and turns easy.  Put my GoPro on a pole and checked the propellor under-water, just to check there was no debris on seems to be spinning fine.

So short of the propellor slipping on the prop-shaft, I am out of ideas?  

Has anyone had a similar issue?  What are the chances of the prop shearing it’s key and spinning on the shaft?  Sincerely hope this isn’t a c-drive Grant 

Brent Cameron

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