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Porter McRoberts

Not that I’ve got lithium’s, but will hopefully at some point. Why not ask the battery manufacturer how to park the batteries?  Surely they have a recommendation?  Interesting thread. Thanks. 

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In addition, in general, what good is a “warranty” if you are in several years 500NM to 5000Nm away from the “installer”. I have had problems getting people to back up their warranty while still being in the same location; they promise to come on board and don’t show up etc. etc.

Likely a reputable manufacturer will blame/question the installer and if not a factory affiliated installer you are “up the creek” in the “blaming game”.


Although not boat related, I am currently in something similar between a truly first rate USA insurance company and the official ASTON MARTIN dealer; both holding their grounds but I am stuck in the middle.


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Hi Joerg,

I don't want to annoy you but how long is the warranty on your installation? This whole "do leave the batteries at 100% for extended periods" is to preserve the batteries in 5-8 years time, not next year. So unless you get 10 years of warranty for more then 80% of the original capacity, they can say whatever they want.
My point is that I have a hard time believing these batteries will last for such a long time. And even Tesla with their 8 year warranty tells you to refrain from keeping the batteries at 100% SOC. They do have some experience in this field, more then Mastervolt for sure.


Arno Luijten
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