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Joerg Esdorn

A couple of points here.  Sure, the duration of the warranty ( 2 years) is not a guarantee that the batteries will hold up long enough to amortize the much higher cost vs. gels or   AGM.  However, the advice I received from the US dealer was in response to my inquiry to MV head office.  Head office forwarded my question to the US dealer since I had indicated that I lived in the US.  So this is in fact official advice, not advice from some installer.   If you think about it, the people who sail their boats less than full time must be in the 99% majority vs. live aboards who are off the grid all the time.  So given that demographic, a technology which does not solve the obvious issue of how to park your boat for the off periods is not going to go anywhere.  I simply don‘t believe that MV would risk its excellent reputation by putting out a product that self destructs after a few years of totally normal use.   For another reality check, I just put LiFePO4 batteries (KiloVault) on my solar system on my house.  There is no mention in the manual that they should be kept at less than 100% SOC.  Of course it is understood that they will be at 100% almost 100% of the time since the batteries are just for backup in case of a power outage.  

I am aware that Telsa‘s default charge is to 90%, not 100%.  But that’s not 80% as suggested here and most importantly, Telsa‘s batteries are a different chemistry from LiFePO4 so I‘m not putting much weight on the comparison.  

I hope this helps others.  Cheers Joerg

Joerg Esdorn
Amel 55 #53 Kincsem
Vigo, Spain

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