locked Re: Batteries starting to get weak - MMM - What to do -

Denis Foster


what I understood is that these LiFePO4 batteries don’t like to be for days, weeks ...months at 100%SOC. Where the 50-60% is preferable for storage. A little of a few % charge once a month looks the ideal procedure.

It seems Ok to charge to 100% or 95% then start discharging like a typical live aboard cycle.

Am I correct?

On the brand debate, of course the Battle Born, Mastervolt etc.. Haven’t heard about Lithionics that comes with a smart dual channel BMS that distinguishes for shut off charge and discharge circuits.

An other concern is to be sure the BMS tolerate high discharges like a bow thruster < 2 minutes.

Thank s for your helpful thoughts.

ex Meltem 32

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