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I believe you had to do what we did when we ran into this problem.

Did you use a piece of pipe to put pressure on with the puller to press the shaft tube out of the bottom motor plate mount?

Pipe circled in green between puller and thruster tube:

Where to place pipe to use a puller to press the bow thruster shaft tube out of the bottom motor mounting plate:
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On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 6:06 PM Peter Tiner <peter.tiner@...> wrote:

New Bowthruster motor
So, finally we managed to get the bowthruster apart. And for all, finding out why we couldn’t get the driveshaft down to it’s original position, ie some 20 mm lower.

We had a big issue with getting the flange loose from the driveshaft, finally we used a puller and the key was to put pressure on to the bearing and not to the driveshaft itself.

Once the flange was gone we could get the gearbox housing apart and could see why we couldn’t get the driveshaft all the way down to it’s original position.

As expected the sleeve with keyway had moved and the keys were not in place.

Hope this can help someone.

I´m attaching some pics and if someone is interested I have more.   

\Peter sy Maiken A54 #52



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