Re: Amel 55 hatch door cannot be locked from inside

Billy Newport

So I just un"blocked" it. Looking at the door from inside the boat. I moved the right hand sliding lock slightly to the left until the nub can be moved down. It's as if it's over too far or something and jamming the nub from moving down. As I moved the sliding lock to the left I pressed on the nub and suddenly after 1-2mm of lock bar going left, the nub went down and then it went back to normal. Go figure but I'll take it. So, the theory is somehow the right hand lock bar jammed the nub somehow. It's back to normal for now.

I tried removing that access panel but the nub prevents it from being removed and I didn't know whether to pull the nub off or unscrew it off etc so I couldn't remove the panel.

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