Re: Canvassing for ideas: removing motor housing A54 “MAT” foiling motor.

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Sorry, I can’t help with your issue but, if in your hunt for a solution you happened to find a shop who repairs electric motors, please let me know. I have a couple of spares I would like to have serviced.



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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Canvassing for ideas: removing motor housing A54 “MAT” foiling motor.


Dear Amelians: 

I beg any insight if you would. This is a 1.5 year old motor and housing from Amel for the main sail foil furling motor.  The last one, seal was damaged and the whole unit unsalvageable. This is a “new” 1.5 year old replacement. Now not working. Relays and switches all fine. Motor gotten progressively more “tired”  and now has stopped rotating. 


I have removed the base and look in and see no corrosion. But I think I need to remove the whole motor assembly from the housing which mean also removing the top cap. The bottom cap slipped off with mild to moderate traction. The black top cap will neither rotate with respect to the white housing nor slide out from it. 


Aggressive traction I think will bend the bolts. I’ll get more aggressive if I know the top cap comes off the housing. Does it?  There are screws I removed that seem to indicate the cap would pop off/out. 


Tapping on base of motor: I’ve done gentle tapping. No movement. Might I damage motor by more aggressive tapping?


Of course I can disconnect and take off the boat and to town to search for a technician, but it would be so much easier to sort it here in the boat. 


Some photos below illustrate the situation. 


Many thanks in advance. 

Porter McRoberts 

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