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Nick Newington

Hi Bill,

So the GRP cover was always there. I took it off and bedded it back with silicone. The odd thing is that the front end was left open for spay to go straight in. I decided to glue on a pvc fabric and try and make it as close to water tight as possible but with the drain hole. We shall have to see, but I think it will help especially as the gear is well covered in grease. In heavy rain it is possible some water might come down the shaft but again I think not really.

I will cut open the pvc front to have a look after I have been out sailing a while and report. This is the before photo.

Ironically the worm gear on this was fine but a bit of an eyesore and a mess. 


S/Y Amelia Aml 54-019

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I thought all A-54s had a cover where you made one, but maybe it was later model 54s. I do have an issue about the cover I have seen on 54s and that is there is not a good seal around the circumference of the end-cover to the motor/gearbox housing.

I believe that there is no way that sealing this will create too much heat.

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I recently serviced both main furling and outhaul gears and motors. I found the aluminium shaft on the furling motor very difficult to remove. It was soaked 48  hours in diesel and then pressed out with a hydraulic press, but it took a lot of pressure.  Eventually it came free. Whilst the outhaul shaft came up and out with some gentle taps, being stainless steel! I think that this mast furler should be pulled apart more often to avoid the aluminium seizing in place, maybe every two years, just drop it, move the shaft up and down, check the gear box and lip seal. Alternatively have a stainless shaft made.

Fortunately I had a spare gear box on board as one was in very poor shape with bad corrosion on the aluminium. However all went well and both are back and fully functional with new shaft seals. Although I now do not have a spare aboard. Something that I would like to have if I go off the beaten track.

I decided to make a cover out of some PVC I had kicking around to protect the boom furling one from the elements, as shown in the pictures. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the GRP cover in case some water gets in. It is quite small maybe 8mm. It could be widened to say 12mm if required.

Has anyone tried this? If so was it a success or does it just deprive the gear box of ventilation?

Nick back in the UK with Amelia ashore in Leros, Greece

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