Re: After market engine mounts ? #replacement


Hi Paul,
I believe the 200 refers to a capacity of 200 kg.  When Didier, an experienced Amel mechanic in Le Marin replaced our original mounts for our 2004 Yanmar 4JH3-HTE engine he suggested increasing the capacity of original Vetus mounts to the 300 kg model, Yanmar part number 120149-08441 -- .  He told me that he felt it was a better match for the engine, especially with the extra weight of our heavier Leece-Neville alternators and double v-belt assemblies. Didier told us that it was possible that more vibration would be transmitted by these mounts but I did not detect any increase and he agreed when we sea-trialed the new mounts and (more importantly) his engine alignment.  The new mounts looked much the same as the original Vetus mounts except they were a bit "beefier".  Didier can be reached at vaguesca@... (best to use French).
Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI  SM429

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