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while you have the Turbo off, You might paint it with automotive exhaust header paint.
Once it is heated up it cured and you will never have a rusty turbo.
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The most concerning part of this picture is the fan. The fan should be clean and you should be able to flick it with your fingertip and watch it spin. If it doesn’t spin freely, the problem with your lack of getting RPM is indeed the turbo. You are probably also blowing out smoke as you increase the RPM with a damaged turbo.


You have just found out how expensive turbos are for a marine engine. Save your old one and hunt for an automotive turbo repair shop during your travels. They are common. The chances are it can easily be rebuilt for not much money (under $200).





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This is my 6 yr old turbo from Volvo tamd22 after being cleaned. I have a loss of rpm only able to get 2200. Is this rust color normal? I'm wondering about all the pitting. I have a new turbo on order. Just want to see if I have another issue that needs addressing. And if anyone has pictures of their turbo after cleaning could you share that please.



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