Re: Turbo question

Mark McGovern

The rust is normal and the pitting does not look terrible.  The exhaust housing is made from cast iron so it will start the rust the second you stop cleaning it unless you coat it with something. I wouldn't worry about it as it certainly is not the cause of your reduced maximum engine RPM.

As long as the turbocharger shaft spins freely (at least a little bit) and if there is not excessive "play" in the shaft if you grab it with two fingers and try to move it laterally back and forth, then the turbocharger is probably fine.  This assumes that the compressor wheel on other side of the turbocharger is OK.

What did it look like before it was cleaned?  If it looked like Delos' turbocharger completely filled with coked up crud (shown below) than it probably was the culprit:

Also, what does the exhaust elbow look like?

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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