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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Thomas;


We had a similar situation last year. The controller on the compressor is equipped with an LED or a connection point that an LED can be connected to, so the unit will give you one of 4 or 5 error codes. I do not remember exactly as it was a while ago and I do not have all of my notes in front of me.


There is also a potentiometer (variable resistor) on the board that allows for selection of the compressor RPM. In our case, reducing the RPMs from max RPM of 3500 to 2000, fixed the issue for about a year. After that, the problem reoccurred and our investigation, along with a  trusted dealer in Corfu Greece, led to the conclusion that the compressor had failed an we ended up replacing the entire unit.


Lowering the RPMs has the effect of lowering the load on the compressor. So if the compressor is marginal, it will work for a while. The effect of lower RPM on the performance of the refrigerator, is the speed at which it cools the unit down to the desired temperature. Our unit was 11 years old at the time and we felt had provided an expected life for the product. This was the top load refrigerator in the galley that gets a lot of usage.


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

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Hi all,


Our fridge evaporator seems to be partially and  intermittently cold. And the compressor runs but stops after a while. It had happened recently that the fridge stopped cooling but after a stop and start, i heard a hissing noise near the evaporator and it worked again for a few weeks. 


I searched this forum for contributions and found plenty around refilling the system with cooling gas, amongst other solutions that I will investigate. 

However, I was under the impression that there was a discussion about ice crystals clogging the evaporator circuit and some filter that could be changed. I cannot find that discussion though and may have dreamed it altogether...


Any advice on that front?









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