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Sv Garulfo

Thanks Mark for the offer! Interesting how many people actually carry that type of equipment. I’m looking forward to learn more about the process and de-mystify fridges. I may take you on your offer and it’ll be a pleasure to see you guys in Tahiti or Moorea anyway.


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If you need a vacuum pump and gauges, I have a set. You know where to find me J



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Hi all,


Our fridge evaporator seems to be partially and  intermittently cold. And the compressor runs but stops after a while. It had happened recently that the fridge stopped cooling but after a stop and start, i heard a hissing noise near the evaporator and it worked again for a few weeks. 


I searched this forum for contributions and found plenty around refilling the system with cooling gas, amongst other solutions that I will investigate. 

However, I was under the impression that there was a discussion about ice crystals clogging the evaporator circuit and some filter that could be changed. I cannot find that discussion though and may have dreamed it altogether...


Any advice on that front?









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