Re: converting 24v alternator to ribbed micro v (serpentine)

Dominique Sery

When I bought my boat in 2017, the broker told me that the Neuville 24 volt 175 amp double V-belt alternators originally installed on the first 54 were recalled by Amel for exchange with the Mastervolt 24 volt 110 amp flat belt alternators with Volvo mounting bracket, due to recurring problems with the belts, misaligned pulleys, mismatched?
Changing the pulleys is worth a try, it will be much cheaper than buying a Mastervolt alternator, the pulley, the Alpha pro regulator, the Volvo mounting bracket (about 2000 euros the whole).
The 54 that I bought ( 54 # 16) benefited from the change supported by Amel, I've been told.
There was no problem with the Supermaramu equipped with Neuville alternators, but the engines were different from the first Amel 54

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