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Hi Rob,

In my opinion there is nothing particularly skilled in dropping the forestay. Some strength and agility and common sense, and three people minimum.

It is easiest in a marina, bow to a long dock to walk the forestay as it is dropped without bending the aluminium furler extrusions too much. I have done it in the water with a couple of dinghies! Not easy.

Attach halyard to act as the new forestay

Slacken backstays and triatic, unless the halyard acting as the forestay is nice and tight and there is plenty of thread on the rigging screw so that you can completely unload the pin. In which case it may not be necessary.  In order to help with this I normally set up a block near the stem head and attach a line with a rolling hitch to the forestay and winch it down until the pin is loose.

You will need to go up the mast to tie on another halyard to the forestay and take up the weight such that you can remove the pin.Just like at the bottom but pulling up not down.

Then when back at deck level you need three people minimum. One to lower the halyard holding the forestay weight, one to guide the stay over the bow and one to walk it along the dock.

It will be heavy and take quite a bit of pull to keep it from bending too much.


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On 25 Sep 2020, at 10:36, Helen and Kostas Yuvanidi <helenmi57@...> wrote:

Hi Rob,

We have taken ours off three times and our advice is , with great caution! Great that you will have professionals with you!
You don’t need to loosen the side stays just the rear ones and the one from the main mast to the mizzen mast . We marked the original position and loosened till it was still catching, but only just.
If you do not need to service the furler then you don’t need to release it from the foil, we did that when we took the masts down to repaint and replaced all the stays. But you will need space to do that so as not to bend the foil.
If you do need to release the furler there are screws to release it.We are off the boat for coffee at the moment, when we get back we can let you know which screws.

All the best,
Helen and Kosta on SM 29 of 1990

On 25 Sep 2020, at 10:01 AM, Rob Smith <robfromcornwall.1966@...> wrote:

Thanks for your advice, the rig is being changed by professional riggers, I'm just preparing the boat for them. 

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Hi Rob;


I cannot help on the sequence needed to drop the Genoa forestay, as we have not had to remove it on our 54. However, I would caution that it requires a sequence of adjustments to ensure the rig is not compromised. I would suggest that you proceed with caution and with some professional assistance, if you have never done this before. We had our shrouds replaced at the main. Our rigger Nicky, did not want t attempt changing the entire standing rigging without being in a more controlled environment, because of this concern.


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

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Hi All

I'm just about to replace my forestay and need to 'drop' the Genoa furler.  Can someone please offer me advice on how to do it?

Regards Rob 


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