Onan 11kw white smoke on running

Billy Newport

The fun continues on Coder's shakedown cruise. Yesterdays problem were two fold:

The generator raw water pump appears to be leaking. Worked this with Bill.
The other issue is the generator makes white smoke as it warms up from the dry exhaust.

The generator has about 840 hours on it. Has been serviced properly as far as I know. Denis (previous owner) was pretty meticulous. The boat was on the hard for 12 months while being sold but it was winterized, it was recommisioned, surveyed and then we got it in late June. We changed the oil and filters on it after purchase. Oil level looks good (full) and is "clean" on the dip stick.

Generator is running with no codes (I have the simple generator panel so no other data).

I am trying to get an onan field tech to come to the boat (Port Washington, NY mooring right now). The generator 5 year warranty is still in effect as far as I know.

Currently charging batteries with the engine but can't make water with out the gen.

Any ideas appreciated.
(Amel 55#56)

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