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All of the exploded drawings I have of the MARINA bilge pump from each of the manufacturers that made it, show the motor and gearbox as one part.

I assume that you are looking for the Delrin gear inside the gearbox because this is the part that eventually fails.
I was able to source this Delrin gear in Turkey from Emek Marine. RIZA <cagdas"at">. I believe that he machined them from Delrin. I was also told by another reliable source that this same gearbox is used Mercedes in the 80s. I attempted to find that Mercedes part but failed to do so.


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Is there more than one version of the Marina pump?
My pump has a cog wheel that drives the pump diaphragm.
I do not see it in this diagram.
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By: Mark McGovern

AMFA Marina Electric Sump Pump Exploded Assembly Drawing with Bill of Materials; Now a TF Marine TM 50


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