Re: Onan 11kw white smoke on running

ngtnewington Newington

Normally white smoke is either water or unburned diesel. Maybe it could also be contaminated fuel.

The main engine I presume is not blowing white smoke???

If the main engine is fine, maybe you could try replacing the fuel filter element on the generator.

Does the generator engine function normally apart from the smoke?

Does it get up to full operating temperature under load say 80 degrees celcius? 



Aml 54-019 Leros Greece

On 25 Sep 2020, at 16:29, Billy Newport <billy@...> wrote:

To your point Joel, it looks to me like water in the combustion process some how. Coolant levels look fine. The raw water pump is leaking but I don't know how that could be allowing water in the combustion process.

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