Re: Onan 11kw white smoke on running

Billy Newport

Main engine is working fine. The boat has dual RACALs before the engine and genset. The raw water output looks limp to me, I have no context for a normal flow as the boat is new to me.

I'm going on the fact there is water not diesel in the dry exhaust. The main engine is fine. The gen raw water pump is leaking a little. The raw water thru hull looks weak. The generator worked correctly despite the white smoke (watermaker/water heater/both battery chargers). I haven't use it since I saw the smoke. The coolant level looks normal to me in the expansion tank (half way between cold and hot).

  • I will change the gen fuel filter after checking for water in it. If thats it then great.
  • I will change the impellor and o-ring, hopefully, it's all there. Otherwise thats why the raw water outlet is poor.
If I still have white smoke at that point then it's time for a tech. Working today so I'll get to this Sat.


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