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Good Day Amelians
Recently, I was running system checks aboard s/v Spirit before a planned run from from Puerto Rico back up to Long Island NY.
My gen set shut down upon starting and indicated an error code of 3 flashes. That code asked for a second code, which when generated translated to requesting that a a certified onan technician be called.
My generator is an MDKAW circa 2005. 
When I ran it by my onan dealer back on LI, he indicated that it was the pcb board (the brain), or the whindings. Whindings checked out ok.
I contacted Onan, they had none in stock. They ran an engine down worldwide search, and still came up with none. Making matters worse, they said the company that makes the board for them is out of business (due to covid), and they don't expect to have a new supplier of this part in place for 6 to 9 months.
Fortunately, I found a parts supplier on ebay that has the part in stock. It's a few hundred dollars more then thru onan, but they have it, and it has been shipped.
The fellow I spoke to told me they had 12 in stock (it's now 11 lol). My board is a pcb board part # 327-1533
The company is Arkansas Valley Diesel Service. Phone # 719 9316003
If anyone else runs into this issue, I hope this will save them some aggravation.
Best Wishes to all Amelians.
Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14 

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