Re: New gearboxes - painted or bare alloy?

Bill Shaproski

I've ordered several sets of these gearboxes from Bonfiglioli and they all were delivered with no finish.  I finished them the same or similar way I would have finished an aluminum part at Boeing.  That means a thorough cleaning to remove grease from surfaces, a coat of Alodine, two coats of zinc chromate primer, and two coats of enamel.  Having said that the first two units external surfaces showed heavy deterioration after two years of sailing around the world in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans meaning they saw a lot of salt water spray.  The other two units were just installed so have no sea time yet.  On these last two units I skipped the Alodine.  

If the supplier is willing to finish them for you, I would recommend that you accept that as they can probably do a better job.  I would also recommend that you install a cover over the units to protect them from salt water spray as suggested by another thread regarding these gearboxes.  Even wrapping them in a plastic bag or shrunk wrap would be preferable to no protection in my opinion.  But  I'm no expert so check with the other thread on this topic.  

Bill Shaproski
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On Sat, Sep 26, 2020 at 1:10 AM Mike Longcor (SV Trilogy) <svtrilogy53@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm ordering new gearboxes for the main furler and main outhaul. The units can be shipped with a bare alloy finish or with a 2 pot epoxy paint. I'm curious if anyone has advice one way or the other. The paint will provide protection but will undoubtly fail at some point. The aluminum alloy should self-passivate and not continually corrode/oxidize.

Any advice from experience? Any issues in running with bare alloy, besides initial appearance? I suppose it will look better than flaking paint in the long run.

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