Re: Forward looking Sonar - Amel 54 - Furuno NavNet Plotter Network

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Stefan,

Just a note..

The Interphase sonar is stand alone and the screen is mounted on the cockpit side by the left arm of the helmsman.

I went to a different solution when I replaced the electronics on Eleuthera; I chose the Raymarine unit as it integrates totally with the rest of the system.  Our system works well but restricted to about 2.5 knots of speed.  The Interphase is also limited in speed but given that you only use the system in shallow or doubtful waters, most skippers will be going slowly anyway.

Good luck

Jean-Pierre Germain

On 28 Sep 2020, at 10:29, Stefan Schaufert <mail@...> wrote:

Dear Amelians,


thanks to Ken (SV Aquarius) and Oliver (SV Nautica) and others we know there are good (stand alone or B&G) solutions for a forward looking sonar.


But do you know a possibility/ device which is able to use the Furuno NavNet (Radar) Plotter (yes, it is old, but working reliable) for showing the „pictures“? 


Thanks for your hints.


Best regards


A54 #119 Lady Charlyette, currently/ still in Aruba

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