Re: Forward looking Sonar - Amel 54 - Furuno NavNet Plotter Network

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Gang,

When I decided to integrate an FLS, I chose a Raymarine unit.  Integrates perfectly with the rest of the electronics and displays on either of my 2 plotters.

Additionally, having sailed in close company for many days, I would say Raymarine system compares favourably with Interphase with good data reception up to 2.5 knots SOG.  Obviously, the same restrictions apply in waters obscured by sediments etc.

Kind regards,

Jean-Pierre Germain, Eleuthera, SM007, Opua, NZ

On 29 Sep 2020, at 07:14, Paul Osterberg <osterberg.paul.l@...> wrote:

I thinking of  install an Echopilot but can't find the real performance difference between the Platinum an the FLS 2D, the Platinum cost about 1500 € and has no screen and NMA0183 and video S  so can be connected to a MFD given it has an Video S port. the FLS cost 1200 € and has it' own screen. Looks like the FLS is better value but ....
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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