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James Alton


     I was originally thinking of something that would interface with my B&G display but I think that you make a really good point about having a stand alone system in this case.  It helps a lot to hear from someone like yourself that has a lot of recent experience with a product, so thank you for sharing.  Easy and simple have a lot of value in my book as well so I will take a good hard look at the Echo Pilot option.  

Fair winds to you both,

James and Joann Alton
SV Sueno
Maramu #220

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Hello James,

I like the fact that the Echo Pilot is completely separate from the rest of the navigation equipment.  I would like a radar overlay on the chart plotter, but not the FLS.  You can spend more to have an integrated system, but I'm not sure it's useful for the FLS.  When I am in shallow water, I have the Echo Pilot going, and a few maps running.  Got my airplane pilot scan going, 1sec per screen, and then out of the cockpit... and repeat.  The FLS is just one of the inputs.  

Is this the best?  That, I could not say, because this is all I know.  Echo Pilot is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to set up.  Once set up, if the FLS needs more than an on off button that's too much.  For this reason, It's the best for me.

Aquarius SM2K#262

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