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Patrick McAneny

I have not read the bad press about the B&G FLS ,but I am less than impressed . I had it installed a few years ago when I replaced all my electronic on board . It sends out false signals showing obstruction and then disappearsĀ . No rep could explain or solve the issue. It may be that onĀ  the Bay we have a mud bottom ??? I should have tried to use it in the Caribbean or New England ,but forgot to and never felt I need it. Maybe next time I have a hard bottom I will try to use it and see if it works better. But right now I wish I had spent the money on a lead line.
Does forward speed of the boat play a role in accuracy ? Maybe its me ,because this boat came with a new Interphase in the box , I installed it and was very disappointed in that as well. Going back to having my wife swim in front of the boat.
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Hi Stefan,

Actually the B&G version got some pretty bad press. I have no first hand experience so I cannot confirm.
If your plotter supports video-in you could consider this one:

This company has been working on this stuff for quite some time and what I've seen they get pretty decent reviews.

Kind regards,

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