Re: Forward looking Sonar - Amel 54 - Furuno NavNet Plotter Network

Ian Townsend

Hi Ken. The FLS was on the boat when we bought it. We thought it was pretty cool and we could use it in areas where we were uncertain and therefore give us more confidence in exploring or anchoring areas with changing depth contours. We had never had one before. To a certain extent, although minimally, this was true. We relied on it maybe two or three times. And we did notice the occasional false reading which gave our hearts a jump every so often. 

Our EchoPilot unit was 20 years old. The display died and to replace it would have meant switching out everything including transducer, wiring and control head. We talked with all the major guys at the Fort Lauderdale show in 2018. The issues they had, even with their own technology, were twofold. First, rated forward distance capability is not that far (it varies by manufacturer but not by much) and whether you could actually react in time. Second, consistent accuracy. 

As with everything, one must weigh the cost vs. benefit. For us, we have been happy to put our money into other things, including new electronics. 

Ian & Margaret
Loca Lola II

On Sep 29, 2020, at 2:14 PM, Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...> wrote:

Hello Ian,

It would be nice to know how the Echo Pilot died.  What happened, how it happened?   We hit a log off Columbia, and had to replace the transducer.  I really missed the EchoPilot when it was INOP, and was nice to get it operational again.   It's nice to get more information than... it died.   Also, you say you "Wanted to replace it".  So, I would think with this statement, you thought at the time having the FLS was in a word... "worthwhile".  Then you write.... "talked with all the major electronics manufacturers, none of whom seemed enthused by the technology."  What does this mean?  You talked with all the manufacturers of FLS units and none were enthused with their technology?  They all told you you should not replace your FLS because they are all junk?  

Seems very interesting that all the FLS manufacturers would say this!  Sorry for the sarcasm, just can't help myself. 


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