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Hello all,

I used to run a large catamaran that doubled as a survey vessel, we were looking for ancient ship wrecks. Mostly in shallow water. We worked in Asia and Mozambique among other places.

The first job on a new site would be to chart it very accurately. So we did what is called a Bathymetric survey, that involved a differential GPS and depth integrated. So one would motor up and down, do the lines and create our spot on accurate chart. We then used to do an in depth survey of the magnetic field with twin magnetometers, also integrated with he DGPS. When the water became too shallow we would transfer the kit to one of our tenders.

This activity involved driving the boat in the sort of places that no sensible yachtsman would ever venture! 

One bit of kit we did not have was a forward looking sonar. However we had a really top notch fish finder. This was the most reliable and useful bit of inexpensive kit. It would give a great picture of the bottom. It would differentiate between mud and sand and stones and rock and coral and weed.  In coral reef areas there would generally be a bit of warning as the bottom would change, even fish life would tell us what to expect. I do not remember what brand we had, maybe Feruno? but the monitor was up at the helm station and quite large say 10 inches by about 6 inches. A great bit of kit.

I would like this on Amelia, but running the cables is not so easy. 


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Ken and All,

   I searched for one of the Echo Pilot 2D units (part #81034 with the bronze transducer housing) from US stores and found no stock.  Also a statement on one website that said that the manufacturer has discontinued this item.  I did not follow up on this but did see that a newer 3D Echo Pilot using 2 transducers is available at about 10X the price..  SVB24 had 3 of the 2D units still in stock,  now they have 2 since I just ordered one.   They are currently on sale for 1,092.39 Euros.  

   I don't expect this unit to be useful at all times and believe that it is hard to beat a good set of eyes on the bow or up the mast.  Still if this new tool prevents even one grounding it seems like it is a no brainer to add to the boat.  I have had to change anchorages at night before where chart information was poor or non existent.  I am hoping that under such conditions that this instrument can make such a move less stressful, we will see.  Thank you Ken for your input on the Echo Pilot 2D.

Best to all,
SV Sueno 

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Hello James,

I like the fact that the Echo Pilot is completely separate from the rest of the navigation equipment.  I would like a radar overlay on the chart plotter, but not the FLS.  You can spend more to have an integrated system, but I'm not sure it's useful for the FLS.  When I am in shallow water, I have the Echo Pilot going, and a few maps running.  Got my airplane pilot scan going, 1sec per screen, and then out of the cockpit... and repeat.  The FLS is just one of the inputs.  

Is this the best?  That, I could not say, because this is all I know.  Echo Pilot is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to set up.  Once set up, if the FLS needs more than an on off button that's too much.  For this reason, It's the best for me.

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