Re: For Sale: S/V Adagio, SM 209 ...

Gary Wells

Hi everyone,

Well as some of you know Robin and I decided to pull Adagio "off the market" so to speak for a while.  While doing a demonstration a potential issue cropped up and I felt it best to stop showing the boat until it was "resolved".  So, after a lot of consultation, some disassembly and ceaning and a couple of visits by experts (with opinions and estimates) we've decided that the "issue" wasn't that much out of the ordinary.

There were also a couple of family demands which took ~us~ out of circulation for a few weeks. 

So, Adagio is back on and we are ready to move forward again if there is any interest. 

I have updated some specs on the website  (  as we've been doing some work and upgrades along the way (most notably a new set of house batteries). 


Thanks to everyone that reached out to us in the past, and to Bill for his help along the way. 


Adagio is currently in the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis.  Our current plan is to move South as the weather continues to cool down and eventually either round into the Gulf of Mexico or to the Caribbean for the Winter.




Gary Wells
SM 209, Adagio
Galesville, MD USA


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